Debutante. Rebel. Revolutionary.

It’s unfortunate that pictures of Mary Harriman as a young woman look, to our “modern” eyes, so dated. Big hats. High-necked dresses adorned with lace collars. Hair pulled back in a bun, secured with hair pins. Long skirts and ankle-high boots.

Because Mary Harriman was a rebel... a trailblazer... a revolutionary... for all times.

Born into a family of great privilege and wealth, she took a path that was a strong 180 degrees from what was expected of a woman from one of New York’s most powerful families.

A debutante at 18, Mary recruited a group of her closest compatriots (wealthy friends who included Eleanor Roosevelt) to work with poor immigrant families in the slums of lower Manhattan. This humble start laid the foundation for what is today a women’s civic leadership organization with more than 150,000 members in 292 communities spanning four countries.

Mary actively campaigned for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his first race for the White House—and was considered by some a traitor to her privileged class for doing so.

Appointed by FDR to chair the Consumer Advisory Board of the National Recovery Administration, Mary was soon recognized as one of the most influential voices in the administration on consumer problems—a critical political issue during the Great Depression. She also was one of the highest-ranking women in Washington.

Mary died tragically at 53. But she set in motion a formidable movement of women who are indefatigable forces for justice and change... unrelenting voices for the betterment of society.

That's Today's Junior League

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Empowered to lead

For more than a century, the women of The Junior League have confronted society’s most pressing issues and tackled its toughest problems, leaving a legacy of reform like no other.

But in a complex world accelerating and advancing at a rapid pace, change is uncomfortable, conflicts are inevitable and challenges are cyclical.

Problems loom large.

Leadership talent is scarce.

And funding—especially from government agencies and philanthropic foundations—is hard to come by.

To fight these battles, find solutions and advocate for those in need, a renewable army of women empowered to be agents of positive change is essential.

Preparing these women to serve their communities is The Junior League’s Mission.

Because tomorrow there will be new issues and new challenges. And the women of The Junior League will be there...unrelenting voices for action, justice and change.

Investing in Women’s Civic Leadership.

To ensure our next century is as productive as the last we are knee-deep in a major, multi-year strategic transformation initiative designed to secure the health, vitality and viability of our organization—and the future of women’s civic leadership—for generations to come.

Over the last few years we have made substantial human and capital investments in research, League structure and operations, technology, marketing, education and fund development to guarantee there will be leaders capable of tackling society’s thorniest issues for the express purpose of enhancing the social, cultural and political fabric of our civil society.

An overview of The Association of Junior Leagues International’s major accomplishments in 2013/14 demonstrates the breadth and intensity of that effort on behalf of the 150,000 women in 292 communities in four countries who comprise The Junior League:

Modernized public website

Re-engineered our public website to better reflect and represent The Junior League’s 100-plus year legacy as a powerful and influential women’s leadership organization.

Four distinct curricula

Provided all members with four distinct curricula on the subjects most relevant to their development as civic leaders—Community Impact, Organizational Management, Governance and Fund Development*—through a learning portal on our member website. One more curricula—Marketing & Communications—will be launched by the end of the 2014/15 League year.

* Governance and Fund Development curricula launched in the summer of 2014.

One Network initiative

Launched our ambitious One Network technology infrastructure initiative to create a more dynamic, connected Junior League by facilitating and supporting wide-scale, ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members, Leagues and the Association for the betterment of communities far and wide.

Five leadership development conferences

Produced five successful in-person leadership development conferences during the course of the 2013/14 League year at which more than 2,000 Junior League leaders were empowered with skills to lead in their communities.

Resource library

Launched a Resource Library that provides members with a comprehensive collection of every material AJLI produces as well as the works of major research firms, expert practitioners in the field and policy organizations that pertain to all aspects of Junior League operations and community programming.

New League models

Introduced new models for community impact and governance & management to make Leagues stronger, more effective and efficient organizations in the local communities they serve.

On-demand online learning

Recast our member learning and training opportunities in the mold of an online, on-demand university that caters to each and every member when and where she wants to learn regardless of her role in her League.

Online tools and widgets

Developed a series of online tools and widgets for League use that encourage information sharing and strengthen connectivity among and between Leagues and the Association.

Reimagined revenue model

Reimagined our revenue model by mounting a diversified fund development initiative that combines corporate sponsorships, grants, individual philanthropic gifts, shared revenue opportunities, enhanced JL Boutique sales and contributions from members. An important element in that effort was the launch of our inaugural Annual Appeal and the creation of an esteemed advisory committee of past AJLI Presidents and other Association leaders that, in aggregate, invested more than $50,000* in AJLI’s future through participation in the appeal.

* The Annual Appeal was initiated in 3/2014 and will continue until the end of the 2014 calendar year.

The bottom line
A full audited financial report can be found on AJLI.ORG

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Eleanor Roosevelt, one of The Junior League's most famous and committed members said, “It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.”

The Junior League has personified that sentiment for more than a century, boldly leading and exploring the outer bounds of civil society when others couldn't...when others wouldn't. We owe it to future generations to ensure this wonderful organization survives and thrives for another century...and are doing everything in our power to make it so."

- Susan Danish, Executive Director

We have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that our extraordinary 114-year legacy of leadership—a precious cultural inheritance—continues for years to come.

It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly."

- Ellen Rose, President 2014-2016